CashSwap Social Media Highlights for the Week Ending Friday Sept 20, 2019

CashSwap Social Media Highlights for the Week Ending Friday Sept 20, 2019

Here are some currency exchange and travel highlights that we talked about on social media over the last 7 days.

1. A traveler at Bristol Airport pointed out the 30% difference between how much currency exchange shops buy and sell currencies for.

2. Anna Tims wrote in the Guardian about a Travelex currency exchange kiosk that actually charged her but didn’t give her any money.

3. CashSwap let people know a good use of money saved on National Cheeseburger Day.

4. Justin+Lauren shared some great tips on how to save up money for your travel experiences.

5. In response to a number of articles about avoiding travel scams, CashSwap highlighted a blog post about exchanging currency safely at the airport.

6. CashSwap reminded travelers how to use Google to check the exchange rate before accepting a currency exchange offer at the airport, even CashSwap’s!

7. The possibility of exchanging currency with a celebrity using CashSwap sure is exciting, with special thanks to MC Hammer.

8. A helpful reminder that CashSwap is the best way to exchange dollars to euros for your trip to Europe.

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Mike McDowell

Mike McDowell is the Vice President of Marketing for CashSwap. A 22 year travel industry veteran, Mike actually joined CashSwap after reading a short blip about the company and excitedly reaching out to CEO, Ben Diallo for a conversation about his enthusiasm for the brand. Mike says, "CashSwap is the future of currency exchange!"

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