Celebrity Currency Swaps? You Never Know!

Celebrity Currency Swaps? You Never Know!

One of the great things about peer to peer services like CashSwap is that you never know who you might meet.

Just imagine how awesome it would be to be using the CashSwap app to exchange some currency. You go through the steps of entering which currency you have and which currency you need. You select a swap connection based on the match and a great rating. The photo of the swap connection is finally revealed to you but, OMG, you know who that is!

You just might be swapping currency with MC Hammer (shown above with CashSwap CEO Ben Diallo at Indianapolis Airport)! Now we know what you’re thinking. Celebrities have a lot of money so they won’t care about saving up to 30% on currency exchange at the airport. Rich people are reach for a reason. They are smart with their money and when there is money to be made or saved, they do it.

Seriously, a special thanks to MC Hammer for his interest in CashSwap and the startup community. You might not know it, but he is very well versed in the hottest tech trends. He was very cool to let us capture the moment in a picture and we appreciate it!

We can’t guarantee that you’re going to get a celebrity swap connection (that sounds like a game show from the 1970’s), but you never know!

Download the app on Google Play now and see the savings in less than 60 seconds. There’s no need to sign up to check the rates!

More questions? Visit our website at cashswapapp.com, send an e-mail to info@cashswapapp.com, or ping us on social media and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Mike McDowell

Mike McDowell is the Vice President of Marketing for CashSwap. A 22 year travel industry veteran, Mike actually joined CashSwap after reading a short blip about the company and excitedly reaching out to CEO, Ben Diallo for a conversation about his enthusiasm for the brand. Mike says, "CashSwap is the future of currency exchange!"

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